Out of the WeStopHate movement comes the book,
How To Stop Hating On Yourself,
Others, and the Things that Make You
Who You Are

The last chapter of the book is a call to action…

Be A Flawd Light in the World!

To be a flawd light in the world is to know that you are good enough, ready enough and important enough to make a positive difference in the world. Right now. The way you are.

You are PLENTY Good Enough!



Now, out of FLAWD, we are excited to bring you Flawd Light. It’s for kids… but by way of the parents. We (the adults who love kids like crazy) help the kids by getting Plenty Good Enough going on ourselves. We do what it takes to LIVE what we most want to GIVE them.

It’s about Compassion. Self-Compassion.

“There’s just no way our kids can have it unless we do!”

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I’m the co-author and illustrator of FLAWD.

My work for 20+ years has been sharing my great love of the Hero's Journey with young people. Together with a little stick figure named Ruby, I invite girls to create themselves as a hero at the center of their own heroic journey.

What I want for girls is what I want for myself: to step into my power and be a compassionate hero in the world. With a really good flaw or two, of course, but with the strength to transform them into something helpful. Something healed.

The Jeanne & Emily-Anne (aka Ruby & Schmid) Story

In 2009 I met Emily-Anne Rigal. It was at the first ever Tween Girls Summit in Washington, DC. She loved that Ruby was helping girls to “find, shape and share their great girl voices!” and suggested a job for herself: Ruby Advisor #1.

I know. Lucky me!

When the idea for a YouTube channel she’d call WeStopHate came to her, it was my turn to advise. And when the success of WeStopHate called for a WeStopHate book, I got the job of Writing Partner #1.

I know. Lucky me!

The writing of FLAWD has been a giant passage in my heroic journey. The bundle of Never Good Enough stuff I’ve been carrying is getting put down. And like a triumphant compassionate hero, I return from it with something to share!

It’s Flawd Light. And as I said, it’s for parents! So we can assist the kids we love on their journeys…. By giving them the best stuff there is to give. Self-Compassion. Clearly, I’m really excited about it!


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