Here are just a few ...

Through WeStopHate I have learned that it’s okay to be different and I don’t need to change because the people who like me will accept me for who I am.

Making a WeStopHate video gave me an opportunity to share the knowledge I had, so hopefully others could be helped by what I’ve already been through. I’m happy if I influenced even one person’s view on themselves in a more positive way. I think it’s surreal that if I did manage to help, it was all made possible by a simple video.

I am very shy at school and really don’t like to be around people other then my friends, but when I found online and started watching the videos every week, I realized I could do something to stop the bullies at my school. I have become more outgoing at school. Now I stand up for myself and don’t let the haters hurt me anymore. I am talking to my principal about starting a We Stop Hate club.

I used to feel like I was different and no one understood me. I went through a lot of tough times, including getting bullied when I was   younger, and during those times, I felt completely alone. I was very excited to join the WeStopHate club at my high school, and shortly after joining I realized there are people who have gone through similar situations and understand the pain I have felt. I found out there are people that understand me and will love me for who I really am. Through WeStopHate club, I made lifelong friends and my life is changed for the better.

WeStopHate has given me the confidence to try new things and retry things I used to love. I love WeStopHate Club because I’ve met so many amazing people and we work together to make school and life better. My teen-esteem is higher than ever. I’m not there yet, but I’m closer than I was yesterday.

When people see my wristband, they ask what it is and tell them that WeStopHate is a really cool website to help stop bullying. At my school’s variety show, I threw 50 wristbands out into the audience because they make people happy.

Today our society and the media can be very judgmental and can alter our perceptions of ourselves. WeStopHate is exactly what we need. It is sparking a celebration of individually, helping us embrace differences and know that it’s okay to be ourselves.

Being a part of WeStopHate was such a positive experience. WeStopHate gave me the opportunity to actually reflect on my own self image, which is something I never do. In our society, poor self esteem is the absolute norm – it’s not until I did something like make a WeStopHate video that I took a moment to assess my relationship with yourself, and in turn the way I effect and interact with others.

WeStopHate has gave me new confidence to be myself. I have made some awesome friends who all accept and support me. I am now starting a WeStopHate club at my high school in Germany.

I believe We Stop Hate is a step towards stopping the root cause of injustice. The WeStopHate community is proof that teens can change the world.

WeStopHate motivated me to make a difference in my community. I have now spent time feeding the homeless and joined the Big Brother Big Sister program. My volunteering experience has lead me to become a more positive person and I am now working on starting my own non-profit organization.

I can’t thank the WeStopHate team enough for helping me turn my mood around when I was upset. They taught me that if you go out and make good things happen, you will not only fill the world with hope, but you will fill yourself with hope, too.

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