Meet the Team

Emily-Anne Rigal, 20

Founder + Director

Jeanne Demers

Chief Operating Officer

Kaitlyn Moorhead, 20

Director of Communications

Samantha, 21

Video Manager

Jillian Carney, 18

head of Clubs + love, Yourself

Brandon Turley, 18

head of design

Claire Lawlor, 20

Head of photography

Charlene Rigal

Merchandise Coordinator

Daniel Missirlian

Video Editor

Celebrity Ambassadors

Lady Gaga

Watch her WeStopHate video

Monique Coleman

“High School Musical”

Eden Sher

ABC's "The Middle"

Meryl Streep

academy award winning actress

Josie Loren

ABC Family's "Make It or Break It"

Rebecca Black

Singer “Friday”