Flawd Light

Out of the WeStopHate movement comes the book FLAWD:

  • How To Stop Hating On Yourself
  • Others, and the Things that Make You
  • Who You Are

The last chapter of the book is a call to action: Be A Flawd Light in the World!

To be a flawd light in the world is to know that you are good enough, ready enough and important enough to make a positive difference in the world. Right now. The way you are.

You are PLENTY Good Enough!


Now, out of FLAWD, we are excited to bring you Flawd Light. It’s for kids… but by way of the parents.

We (the adults who love kids like crazy) help the kids by getting Plenty Good Enough going on ourselves. We do what it takes to LIVE what we most want to GIVE them.

It’s about Compassion. Self-Compassion.

“There’s just no way our kids can have it unless we do!”

Please join the Flawd Light community and learn more about the exciting work we are doing with parents and young people alike.