Natural Day


When I was three years old, I was diagnosed with a hair loss condition called Alopecia. In middle school, my condition got really bad. I turned to wigs as my way to feel beautiful.

But I soon realized wearing a wig wouldn’t make me any more beautiful than I already was. My true beauty came from letting go of my insecurities and loving myself – and that is when I realized the power of being natural.

I stopped wearing a wig and decided that from then on, I would be natural. For the first time in years, I felt truly beautiful and an overwhelming happiness come over me.

From then on, I was in pain knowing that other girls and boys struggle with the same kind of insecurity I had endured. Knowing that others didn’t understand the power and happiness that comes from being natural inspired me to develop the idea of Natural Day.

With the help of some friends, we created a day where every one could truly be themselves. On Natural Day, no one wakes up early to do their make-up or style your hair. It’s a day where you are purely you.

If you love the concept, bring Natural Day to your school! On Natural Day, students and teachers go without make-up, without doing their hair and going natural in any other way they can think of.

By downloading the Natural Day Resource Packet created by WeStopHate, it’s easy to start your own Natural Day at your school.

My goal is to make Natural Day happen all around the world. I want people to join #TeamNatural because we all deserve to feel comfortable and happy just the way we are!